Free yourself with Property Options – profit from property without owning it.

I adopted a strategy that allowed me to take control of a
property and profit from its sale without using my own funds.

Over the years I’ve leveraged this strategy in thousands of deals and secured true financial freedom.
Now I’m sharing my secrets in Property Options Training

Hi, I’m Mark Rolton.

Over the years I have achieved real success in property and with that has come the reward of financial surety…however it has not come without hard work and the application of hard earned knowledge.

I have distilled my learnings into Property Options Training. Over the last 8 years this has enabled thousands of our graduates to witness their own success stories, many of which are considerable in scale.

Our graduates have come from all walks of life; builders, mums, nurses and retirees.

All are everyday Australians, and all wanted to take control, effect change in their lives and benefit from the freedom a little wealth can bring.

My own story started much like everyone else’s – I was broke and quite heavily in debt. Property was my salvation.

I adopted a strategy that allowed me to take control of a property and profit from it’s sale without using my own funds. My first transaction netted $42,000 in 2 days, my second was for over a million dollars. Suddenly my future looked very different!

This was the genesis for the concept of Property Options and over the subsequent years I have applied this knowledge to thousands of deals and profited greatly. I have learnt that like any business transaction there is a process and a clear set of steps that need to be taken. It does require hard work, perseverance and an attitude to ‘make it happen’, but for those who want to succeed, then the rewards are worth it.

Hear our graduates’ success stories and how they’ve benefited from Property Options…

“Joining is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made…from day one, the entire team supported me.”

— Pratheeba

“The experience of working alongside Mark and the Massland Team has been amazing.”

— Joshua

“I’m not going to lie, I was a little skeptical at first…but at the end of the three days I have completely changed … my whole mentality has shifted in terms of life and possibilities.”

— Daniel

Hear from those who have put their Property Options training into practice:

“I had never done property before and I had no idea what I was doing … with Mark’s help, we walked away with $495k.”

— Mick

“We didn’t know what we were doing and didn’t have any experience…Massland changed my life.”

— Victoria

“Working hard will not always reward you…this has given us the vehicle to free us from needing to have jobs.”

— Cheryl

What we do

  • We run our training sessions – here students discover how to use Property Options in the open market.
  • We then partner with our graduates and support them in managing and converting deals.
  • We establish a JV (Joint Venture) partnership so it’s in our interests to see our students succeed. It’s a win-win.

Watch the film to understand how our JV process helps our graduates succeed

Mark Rolton Property also provides a forum to understand the best strategies and processes to acquire multiple properties and best realise the wealth from those portfolios.

It is my chance to teach students all the knowledge and business insights that I have learned over the years. Our graduates leave well prepared to seize the ever present market opportunities, with my team supporting them every step of the way.

This support extends beyond knowledge and systems and encompasses finance to cover relevant development costs and fees. This ensures we have a team who are motivated, well-resourced and armed with a skill and knowledge base few others have.

It’s no wonder so many of our graduates have enjoyed so much success.

Making wealth a fact not fiction

  • In 8 years we’ve trained 2300 students
  • 47 millionaires created (24 more pending the finalisation of the deal)
  • 121 people financially free
  • Hundreds regularly making $30,000 – $300,000 p.a.

47 millionaires created in the last 8 years. Could you be number 48?

Next Training: 23-25 August 2019

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The Agenda For This Life Changing 3 Day Training Course:

Day 1: Cash Flow

  • The fundamentals of cash from Property Options: 15 different ways to derive cash immediately from Real Estate without owning it.
  • A financial map of how to ‘blend’ strategies together – i.e.: large cash chunks with cashflow.
  • Using the basic principles of Options on residential property (Pick and Flick)

Day 2: Portfolio Builder

The 6 styles of investing with Property Options:

  • Vendor Finance – the genius behind “their” security
  • Automatic Acquisition Plan – Owning 10 properties outright for cash. The “How – to”
  • Modes of Real Estate investing and how to hit the target
  • Securitisation – how to offset the need for security and avoiding the glass ceiling with banks.
  • Protecting and preserving – structures and significant tax breaks
  • Flipping for cash now and how to retain assets without the need for cash

Day 3: Property Options Peak Performer

The 6 styles of investing with Property Options:

  • Masterful Negotiation – how to always get the “yes”
  • Using the internet as our slave – tools of the trade
  • Key principles of control
  • Combinations – How to extract huge profits with the highest and best use
  • The Ultimate Buyer – let’s start with the end in mind. How to create a ready-made market…

It all starts with attendance at one of our training courses. Seating at each is limited to 300 and each course lasts 3 days.


We ask you to complete an initial checklist and then one of my team will call you to ensure you are comfortable with the process and completely clear on the outcomes. As a mark of surety if you are not satisfied with the course or feel it’s not for you we will refund all fees after the first day.

If you want a simple, safe, and proven system to build wealth through property, then this training course is a must-attend for you. I look forward to meeting you in person and joining you on your own life changing journey to future prosperity and making wealth a fact, not fiction.

To your success,
Mark Rolton

Next Training: 23-25 August 2019

Talk to us now or book a call to find out more about the training and secure your place.

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